Sunday, January 31, 2010

Research Gallery 12 hosts PSC class artwork

Research Gallery 12 in the Governors State University Library is pleased to host a selection of artwork by students of Prairie State College. The assignment for a 3D design class was given in order to encourage students to explore relief sculpture. An altered LP album jacket determined the format. Students could use the original cover art as a starting point or ignore it all together. The sculpture could not exceed 1 inch in depth.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Collaborative Arts Guild - Union Street Gallery

Governors State University (GSU) connects with Collaborative Arts Guild (CAG)

University Park, IL—Governors State University connects with the south suburban Collaborative Arts Guild through its Art on Campus program.

From January 25, 2010 through March 31, 2010 the campus’ main entrance Atrium Gallery and the Upstairs Gallery at the Center for the Performing Arts will feature the paintings, photography, and poetry of seven members of the CAG.

The Collaborative Arts Guild is part of Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL and provides area artists a platform to develop their creativity, exhibit their art, and conduct business as professional artists.

The Art on Campus program was initiated to celebrate the installation of GSU’s president Dr. Elaine Maimon, and to enhance campus life for students, staff and visitors. While featuring the artwork of GSU’s students and special art programs, such as ARTSfest, is the central focus of the program, this connection with the CAG and Union Street Gallery is in keeping with GSU’s commitment to reaching out to the surrounding community.

The exhibit represents diverse artistic styles of the participating artists: abstract, representational nature and landscape paintings, digital photography, and mixed media collage. The colorful range of work was organized by Michéle P. Owens and curated by Jeff Stevenson. A number of CAG members have been students in GSU’s art program.

For more information about the Union Street Gallery and the Collaborative Arts Guild contact Union Street Gallery 708-754-2601 – 1527 Otto Boulevard, Chicago Heights, IL 60411 email:

Atrium Walls - photos and dimensions - for exhibition proposals

The Atrium Gallery at Governors State University has 14 permanent wall anchors to display artwork. Direct sunlight fills the space and will shine directly on artwork so work prone to fading and delicate work should not be submitted.

This is a public space open to staff, students, and visitors so only artwork appropriate for general audiences will be considered.

All measurements are in inches.

Atrium Wall 1: the first wall section on your left upon entering GSU's main entrance.

Atrium Wall 2: along the same wall as 1 on the opposite side of the GSU History display.

Atrium Walls 3 and 4: two sections of wall space on your right as you enter GSU's main entrance.

Atrium Walls 1 through 4 have similar measurements because they feature a bench below and a light fixture above. The space between the bench and the lights is 54h. All wall anchors are permanent and are at 36h from the bench.

The 3 anchors on walls 1 and 2 are 48 inches apart.

The 4 anchors on wall 3 are 60 inches apart.

The 2 anchors on wall 4 are also 60 inches apart.

Wall sections 5 and 6 do not have a bench or light fixture so they are 84h and have a wall anchor centered on 120w wall space.