Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Atrium Walls - photos and dimensions - for exhibition proposals

The Atrium Gallery at Governors State University has 14 permanent wall anchors to display artwork. Direct sunlight fills the space and will shine directly on artwork so work prone to fading and delicate work should not be submitted.

This is a public space open to staff, students, and visitors so only artwork appropriate for general audiences will be considered.

All measurements are in inches.

Atrium Wall 1: the first wall section on your left upon entering GSU's main entrance.

Atrium Wall 2: along the same wall as 1 on the opposite side of the GSU History display.

Atrium Walls 3 and 4: two sections of wall space on your right as you enter GSU's main entrance.

Atrium Walls 1 through 4 have similar measurements because they feature a bench below and a light fixture above. The space between the bench and the lights is 54h. All wall anchors are permanent and are at 36h from the bench.

The 3 anchors on walls 1 and 2 are 48 inches apart.

The 4 anchors on wall 3 are 60 inches apart.

The 2 anchors on wall 4 are also 60 inches apart.

Wall sections 5 and 6 do not have a bench or light fixture so they are 84h and have a wall anchor centered on 120w wall space.

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